Day 8: High power electronics & systems

22 June 2017

EnergyDays are English spoken!

The topic 'High power electronics & systems' will be presented by the Electromechanics and Power Electronics group (EPE), department Electrical Engineering, TU/e. The group is chaired by Prof. E.A. (Elena) Lomonova.


Modern power electronic converters allow to provide electrical energy processing in a very efficient way in many applications including solar and wind energy conversion, hybrid and electric cars, high-performance computer power supplies, switching audio amplifiers, solid-state lighting, utility control and smart grids, portable power, and many others. The goal of the energy days is to present and discuss the state-of-the-art concepts for switching power conversion (developed at the Technical University of Eindhoven), including various topologies for many applications, their operation and control choices, harmonics and filtering, circuit models of real sources and devices, magnetics design, and passive and active component behavior.

13h15Reception with coffee/tea
13h45Geert Verbong - EnergyDays committee
13h50Elena Lomonova - Chair of the day
Introduction to 'High power electronics & systems'


Elena Lomonova

Trends in power electronics


Ya Zhang

Grid-connected converters with voltage support using only local measurements

Georgios Sfakianakis

3-5 Level bidirectional dual active bridge dc-dc converter
15h55Mert Turhan
Switched-capacitor converter with continuous conversion ratio
16h25Nico Baars
Wide voltage-range isolated dc-dc conversion for high-power applications
16h55Summarize by Elena Lomonova
17h00Closure by Geert Verbong
17h05Open café

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