Speaker Bastein - EnergyDays - 17 March 2016

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dr. A.G.T.M. (Ton) Bastein

TNO (The Netherlands Organisation of Applied Scientific Research)

Supply of raw materials and  future energy security

Renewable energy technologies are essential in drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These technologies have both a different as well as a much higher demand for a number of mineral raw materials, for which the long-term, steady and guaranteed supply is questionable. On both a European and on a Dutch scale criticality analyses have been carried out to assess the supply chain vulnerability of many raw materials, among those essential for renewable energy technologies. The paper discusses these vulnerablility assessments in the light of energy technologies.

Ton Bastein has a PhD in chemistry (Catalysis, Leiden, 1988). He started as a research and product developer of detergents at Unilever. He has worked at TNO (The Netherlands Organisation of Applied Scientific Research) since 1993 in many areas as research and program manager (cleaning technology, nanotechnology, semiconductor equipment development, defense technology). Since 2010 he has focused on research in the area of raw materials availability, resource efficiency and circular economy, developing, initiating and conducting research activities. He was co-founder of the Platform Materials Scarcity in 2009, enabling government, academia and business to exchange ideas about resource issues.

Recent activities include projects for the European commission “Raw Materials Innovative Technologies and Pilot Plants” (Ramintech), and currently the project aimed at the revision of the European Critical materials list. For the Ministry of Infrastructure and environment he conducted the study  “Opportunities for a circular economy in The Netherlands” ( 2012/13). Further projects include: Regions For Resources (European cooperation action, 2012- 2016), CRM_InnoNet (coordination in the area of materials substitution, EU, 2012, 2016), Samenwerken aan Zeldzame Aarden  (ministry of Economic Affairs, NL, 2012), “Critical Materials and the Dutch Technological Industry (with M2I for FME-CVM), “Schaarste van micronutriënten in bodem, voedsel en minerale voorraden - Urgentie en opties voor beleid”(o.l.v. Helias Udo de Haes en in opdracht van het Platform Landbouw, Innovatie en Samenleving PLIS),  en ‘Materials in the Dutch Economy, a vulnerability assessment (ministry of Economic Affairs, 2014- 2015). Bastein is also involved in in recent analyses concerning the potential of the circular economy in Amsterdam (Quick Scan Circulair Amsterdam, 2015), and Nijmegen.

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