Speaker Hensen - EnergyDays - 26 October 2017

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prof.dr.ir. J.L.M. (Jan) Hensen

TU/e, department of the Built Environment - Building Physics and Services

Simulation for energy efficient buildings and communities

Building energy performance simulation has the potential to deliver, directly or indirectly, substantial benefits to building stakeholders and to the environment. However the building simulation community still faces many challenges both in terms of technology and application methodology. Issues include multiscale approaches (from construction detail to district level), uncertainty and sensitivity analysis, robustness analysis (considering use and environmental change scenarios), and optimization under uncertainty. The presentation will highlight recent and current research in these areas at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Jan Hensen is professor of building performance at Eindhoven University of Technology. His research and teaching focus on computational modeling and simulation for optimizing design and operation of high-performance buildings in terms of energy use and indoor environmental quality.

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