Speaker Mazairac - EnergyDays - 26 October 2017

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L.A.J. (Wiet) Mazairac


Multi-Carrier Energy Networks

The energy sector faces numerous challenges, for example the environmental impact resulting from the use of fossil fuels and the limited amount of fossil fuels available. These challenges call for a fundamental change with respect to our energy supply. This fundamental change implies a transition from fossil fuels as primary energy source towards renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy. Most renewable energy sources depend on the availability of natural resources like sun and wind resulting in irregular production over both shorter and longer periods of time.
Existing networks do not have the quantitative and qualitative capacity to facilitate the transition towards distributed renewable energy sources. Irregular production of energy over time at different locations will alter the current patters of energy flow, necessitating the implementation of short- and long-term changes in the energy distribution network. These changes result in a multi-carrier energy network, in which energy can be exchanged between carriers and in which renewable energy sources and energy storage systems are adjusted to one another.

Wiet Mazairac is university teacher in the group Information Systems in the Built Environment. He is currently finalizing his PhD project on multi-carrier energy networks. This project is a collaboration between the TU/e, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) and Energyville. At Ecovat Renewable Energy Technologies he researches and develops large-scale thermal energy storage systems.

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