Day 3: Hashtag CO2

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07 June 2018

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On  7 June 2018 CO2 related issues were presented and discussed at the TU/e Energy Day. In all lectures, it resonated that it will be extremely difficult to reach the ambitious abatement goals that were set in the Paris Climate Agreement. Pepijn Veefkind (KNMI/TU Delft) reasoned for the necessity of accurate CO2 measurements to pinpoint emitter sources and its consequences for climate. From Remco de Boer’s presentation it became apparent that many (visionary) plans were made over the years, but hardly any action and little results were reported, which was substantiated by measurements from the Dutch Tropomi observatory satellite. Moreover, David Smeulders pointed out that a major source of emissions is outside the balance sheet as so-called ‘bunkers’ are not taken into account (fuel for international flights and shipping). In the built environment many options are under discussion now, but energy storage solutions (also in the form of gas) are key to facilitate the energy transition.

Introduction to the topic

The Dutch government has drafted an ambitious climate and energy agenda. CO2 emission should be reduced in 2030 by 49% with respect to 1990. The Urgenda court ruling calls for 25% reduction already in 2020. European obligations are 14% renewable energy in 2020. The aim of the lectures and discussions in this afternoon is to shed some light on CO2 data, trends, perceptions and technical solutions for CO2 reduction.

13h15Reception with coffee/tea


Daan Schram - Emeritus Professor TU/e | Founder EnergyDays

Chair of the day


Welcome & Introduction


Pepijn Veefkind - KNMI | Delft University of Technology


Global observations of greenhouse gases


Remco de Boer - Expert Energy Transition

 CO2; promises, facts, fiction and perception
15h45David Smeulders - TU/e, Mechanical Engineering
 CO2 in the built environment; truth or dare
16h25General discussion with audience
16h55Closure by chair
17h00Open café

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