The following labtours will be guided:

1. Windtunnel – Built Environment

An atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (ABLWT) is constructed at the TU/e campus. This Wind Tunnel will be used by the Urban and Building Physics research team for research on building aerodynamics, naval aerodynamics, sports aerodynamics and the like. The facility will also be available for the students of the “University Racing Team”, “Solar Team Eindhoven” and “Storm” to optimize the aerodynamic design of their vehicles. More info

2. Solar Lab – Applied Physics

With the facilities of the SolarLab, atomic layers can be applied to solar cells, in a quick, controlled manner, making solar cells even more efficient. More info

3. Solar BEAT - Vertigo building

SolarBEAT is TU/e’s own outdoor field testing facility where we conduct independent measurements and research innovations in the field of solar energy and solar heat. More info

4. Fusion Energy + Solar Fuels Lab – DIFFER

Fusion Energy:The worldwide energy transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy requires technology that allows large quantities of clean, sustainable and reliable energy to be generated in compact power stations. Fusion energy could satisfy this demand without the emission of greenhouse gases. Nuclear fusion is the energy source of our sun. At the core of the sun, energy is released when hydrogen atoms react at high temperatures to produce helium. We can and want to make this fusion process safe and clean to use on earth as well.

Solar Fuels:
The Solar Fuels Facility and Instrumentation group facilitates all solar fuels research groups at DIFFER to do their solar fuels research properly. This research is needed for a sustainable society. We ensure the reconstruction of the labs and we develop, operate and maintain the unique devices and diagnostics. These devices are used to answer the questions how to store renewable energy into chemical fuels like hydrogen, methane and hydrocarbons in an efficient way.  More info

5. Future Fuels Lab – Mechanical Engineering

In the Future Fuels Lab scientists are researching green fuels and cleaner combustion methods for engines. More info


GEMINI building - TU/e campus

  • Map TU/e campus, building 'GEMINI' is indicated as building nr. 15 on the map


Any further questions on the Lab Tours can be sent to Elle Abzach.