2016 - 2017

Honors Tracks - student teams

Early September 2016 the Energy Transition Track students gathered for a kick off meeting and 6 possible topics were introduced. The students were invited to choose one of these topics or to come up with an alternative. After the meeting they needed to think, discuss, and persuade the other students resulting in the formation of Teams on the topics of their choice.

This year we created four teams. Chosen topics:

  1. Team Wood Vinegar - Optimization of wood vinegar production process in rural Thailand
  2. Team CASA - Sustainable and Smart building at TU/e campus
  3. Team SOLID - Metal Fuels (burning) to generate electricity/heat
  4. Team FAST - Driving the first Bus on Formic Acid

All topics are related to either questions from society or (applied) research questions related to projects executed at our university.