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The 3TU Master's program in Sustainable energy technology (SET) equips students with comprehensive knowledge of energy technology. The program starts with basic courses. At a later stage, more specialized courses follow on biomass, solar and wind energy, hydrogen, smart grids, and the built environment. Students also take courses to understand market introduction, community acceptance, and consumer behavior.
This Master's program is a collaboration between six departments at TU/e. It is a 3TU.Federation program, in which the two other Dutch universities of technology also cooperate (those in Delft and Twente). Students starting at one of the three universities can easily continue their studies at one of the other universities if the specializations there are more appealing to them.

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KIC InnoEnergy Master programs - SELECT and SENSE
The MSc Environmental Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT) program offers advanced education in the field of sustainable energy systems for the future.
SELECT is a European program in which seven European universities are cooperating. The program is supported by the KIC InnoEnergy. Students learn to work in an international environment. In the first year students cooperate with fellow students from all over the world. In the second year, students move to one of the partner universities. Students graduating from the SELECT Master program will have gained experience in multidisciplinary problem analysis and problem-solving in the field of sustainable energy. TU/e also participates in the Smart Electrical Networks and Systems (SENSE) MSc progam.
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Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion

Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion is an interdisciplinary Master’s program of the departments of Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. The program prepares students for a career in fusion research and gives them a broad background in sustainable energy technology. It offers a combination of applied physics, measurement and control technology, and electrical engineering. The TU/e is the coordinator of FUSENET (European Fusion Education Network), which guarantees the harmonization with ongoing developments of a European fusion Master’s degree.
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