Paul Masselink retired!

Monday 28th of September Paul Masselink held his retirement and fare well speech at the centre of the province, ‘s Hertogenbosch. His main topic of concern in the past years, the switch to an Energy neutral society and especially city environment, was introduced by TU/e Strategic Area Energy director Rick Harwig. Then Paul Masselink, a town planner by education, passionately gave his own personal perspective on the things to come in the province of Brabant, driven by the need to go to Clean Renewable Energy sources and ways of working to get there. Everything to realize a stable climate, clean and healthy conditions to live in as well as comfort, based on an industrial approach given the demanding  task at hand and the tight time frame. Paul has spent several years at the TU/e as liaison between university and the province, and acted as in his speech, involved, committed and clearly describing what, how and when should be done for energy solutions of the future. The Strategic Area Energy wishes him all the best for his own future!