About Health

Healthy Solutions from Excellent Science

Our society faces numerous challenges in the field of healthcare. These include an
ageing population, a growing number of people with lifestyle related diseases like
obesity and diabetes and other chronic diseases, as well as rapidly rising staff
shortages. These challenges require new products and services in the healthcare
industry and technology can play a crucial role in addressing those challenges.

That is why Health has been a key focus at TU/e for many years. In fact, TU/e was the first Dutch university to offer a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, and Health
is now one of TU/e’s three strategic areas, positioning the university as a leader in this field.

Technology with a human face

TU/e aims to develop technology that revolves around people, technology that is self-explanatory and user-friendly. Two things are pivotal in this:

  • We use our high-end technical knowledge as the basis for developing suitable technological solutions for people, not only to improve care in the complex and expensive hospital environment, but also, more importantly, to ensure
    that these improvements are introduced in first-line care and even self-care. The ultimate goal is to lower costs for everybody and increase quality of life.
  • The organization of care and the associated IT systems revolve around increasing patient independence. We want to make technology more accessible, which, in turn, will make self-care easier.

This goal is achieved, in part, through open innovation and sharing knowledge. We take an integrated approach to research, working together with other universities, medical centers, hospitals, care facilities, healthcare insurers, companies, and governments; both nationally and internationally.