Prof.dr. Carlijn Bouten

Themeleader Regenerative Medicine

“We want to cure people with smart solutions that are minimally invasive and last a lifetime. For example by injecting stem cells or by implanting lab grown tissues, like heart valves. Especially for patients with chronic or hereditary disorders, who nowadays need lifelong medical treatment, this could be a solution.”

Contact prof.dr. Carlijn Bouten Menno Prins

Themeleader Bio-molecular Diagnostics

“Our vision is that biomolecular sensing will strongly impact healthcare in the 21st century, for the best possible monitoring, coaching, and treatment of people. Sensing systems will become smaller, faster, more precise, more integrated, more specific, and more sensitive.”

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Prof.dr. Josien Pluim

Themeleader Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging focusses on the use of imaging and image analysis for more reliable diagnosis and for more accurate and effective treatment.

Contact prof.dr. Josien Pluim. Maarten Steinbuch

Themeleader Robotics

“We need the help of robots in the future, because some things they do better. More accurate, better, cheaper. But we also need humans, still!”

Contact Maarten Steinbuch Caroline Hummels

Themeleader Participatory Health and Wellbeing

“We develop environments that have a stimulating effect on personal and social health and wellbeing. This is possible by technologies that will allow people to live indenpendantly as long as possible. Wearable sensors and people-oriented information systems play an important role in this.”

Contact Caroline Hummels Peter de With

Themeleader Participatory Health and Wellbeing

“Our goal is to generate reliable real time information on a patient’s health, with minimal stress for that patient. This is for example possible by using image diagnosis of prostate cancer, that superfluous the need of biopsies which are invasive and inaccurate. Using internet technology to provide patients with expert care from specialists at home, for instance through sensors in their clothes, is also promising.”

Contact Peter de With Joos Buijs

Themeleader Data science in Health

"Data science aims to analyze a plethora of data generated in healthcare by hospital information systems, medical devices, medical experiments, etc. For instance, we aim to improve efficiency of treatment processes by analyzing treatments for a particular disease, and relating this to patient characteristics, outcome, and process characteristics such as cost."

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