Carmen van Vilsteren presents SA Health and Microsure to queen Máxima.

During the opening event of the Singularity University in Eindhoven, Carmen van Vilsteren (director SA Health en CEO Microsure) presented the TU/e health related research and ‘her’ spin-off company Microsure. The queen was content to see a women take the stage and she was positively surprised by the operation robot of Microsure.  

Carmen: “Queen Máxima told me that her grandfather was a surgeon and that he had difficulties with the fact that he had to stop operating after his 50th birthday. With this notion she confirmed the use of the robot and gave a nice opening to tell her more.”

The precision of the surgeon is closely linked to the age of the surgeon: the younger and the older, the less precise. The surgical robot of Microsure enhances the precision ten times, which makes it possible for surgeons to keep working longer and it will make it possible to carry out operations that had been impossible to date like lymphedema, the swelling of the arm, that often occurs in women who have been treated for breast cancer.  

News article Microsure (February 2016) “Microsurgery robot spin-off Microsure now fully independent”