Participatory Health & Wellbeing

Research in the field of Participatory Health & Wellbeing focusses on integration of technology in societal systemic health solutions to empower people towards health & wellbeing.

Two main pillars

The two devisions have their own focus, however closely cooperate in their challenges and projects.

Healthy Daily Living dreams to integrate personal, contextual (physical & socio-cultural environmental) and technological factors to develop/optimize person-and value-centered complex health systems and related methods & tools supporting quality of life supporting quality of life in 3 areas: enable active/vital living, smart cities, home-hospital health care systems.

Theme leader: C.C.M. (Caroline) Hummels

Monitor, Diagnose & Present focusses on tracking people’s health wherever they are; to provide both professionals and users with health information, infrastructure and instruments for personal management of health and wellbeing. Key word in this research are digital health.

Theme leader: P.H.N. (Peter) de With

Challenges & breakthroughs

Participatory Health & Wellbeing wants to complement technology and current health & wellbeing solutions with design, systems thinking and co-creation to make solutions that work in real-world environments and go beyond the traditional hospital contexts.

We want to…

  • integrate perspectives of technology, people and healthcare.
  • make solutions effective and practical.
  • match the speed of (technological) innovation with societal implementation and acceptance.
  • get solutions out of the lab into real-world conditions.
  • co-develop, validate and encourage adoption by users.
  • achieve accurate monitoring under dynamic, uncontrolled real-world conditions.
  • create technology to support sustainable behavior change.
  • get technology to work in/with communities.
  • store and share personal data for medical measurements.
  • ensure data security by clever data stripping and modeling.

Healthy Daily Living


The roadmap starts with individual health solutions. In time, we want to master solutions that are dependent on personal and environmental factors and we wish to design solutions for entire health systems.


  • To achieve these goals, we will use different means:
  • Living labs / Experiential Design Landscapes for new innovative processes and systems.
  • Technology, incl. sensing and signal processing
  • System innovation and co-design with all stakeholders of the quadruple helix (incl. hospitals)
  • Application development supporting wellbeing including the design of usage and experience
  • Building communities of cooperating groups and institutes

Examples of projects

A few examples of projects and research groups in this field of expertise:

More projects can be found on the websites of research group Building Physics and Services and Designing Quality in Interaction 

Monitor, Diagnose & Present


Our roadmap started by working on solutions in the ICU environment, later we will proceed towards solutions at home and solutions anytime, anywhere.

Our focus is on:

  • Enabling cooperation with multiple stake holders
  • Translational development
  • Design of systems, usage and experience
  • Signal processing algorithms and sensing
  • Analysis of medical data and processes
  • Local hospital approved application development

Examples of projects

A few examples of projects in this field of expertise:

More projects can be found the websites of research groups Video coding and Architectures and Biomedical Diagnostics.


Most of the projects are done in close collaboration with external partners from industry, government, and health organizations. Please find the specific partners on the project pages.


For questions or more information about this research, please contact theme leader Caroline Hummels or Peter de With.