About Smart Mobility

Our world faces numerous social challenges presented by the everlasting demand
for mobility and the impact this has on space and environment. Transportation
networks in most urban centers are often packed, and any small disruption can
easily lead to long traffic jams. Moreover, our transportation system, with its
polluting emissions, has a negative impact on our habitat and on global warming.
Beyond that, 1.2 million people worldwide are killed in traffic accidents every year. These phenomena detract from the pleasure and freedom we experience from driving. They also endanger our health and cost society a lot of money.

Strategic area TU/e

TU/e believes that technology is the answer to these problems. Traditionally, it has held a great deal of expertise in the fields of Intelligent Transport Systems, Automotive Technology, Logistics and Planning Systems, and ICT/ Embedded Systems. These are the kinds of expertise needed to play an important role in helping the world transition toward smarter, more sustainable mobility. That is the reason Smart Mobility has been designated as one of the university’s three strategic areas.

Towards a world without mobility problems

TU/e is committed to develop knowledge and innovative technologies to help achieve sustainable mobility for society. More than 200 researchers contribute every day to make mobility and transport more intelligent and productive, and to make vehicles safer, cleaner, and more efficient. TU/e is heading towards a world in which mobility issues are a thing of the past.