Facts & Figures Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility at TU/e focuses on technological solutions to societal problems like emissions, traffic jams and accidents by preventing unnecessary transport and making the necessary mobility more sustainable.

There are 5 research themes: Automotive Technology, Transport & Logistics, ICT/embedded systems, Mobility & Traffic and Intelligent Transport Systems.

The Dutch automotive sector is 300 companies large, employs 45,000 people and has annual revenues of € 17 billion.

A substantial amount of the business is concentrated in Brainport Eindhoven Region.

746,000 people work in the Dutch logistics sector with annual revenues of € 40 billion.

230 TU/e researchers from 6 departments are involved in Smart Mobility.

Automotive or logistics related topics are an integral part of the study of about 1700 TU/e students. 

77  first-year students begin the TU/e Automotive Technology Bachelor track this year. At this moment there are 71 Automotive masterstudents and 19 PDEngs who started the designer program Automotive System Design.

TU/e has 3 Masters and 2 designer programs within the automotive domain.

TU/e is involved in the Dinalog Campus in Breda, Automotive Campus in Helmond, AutomotiveNL, Connekt-ITS Nederland, Dutch Integrated Testsite for Cooperative Mobility (DITCM), European Sypply Chain Forum and Green Car Initiative.

It also works closely with TomTom, NXP, DAF, VDL, Corus, NedCar, TNT,  DTI, Bosch Transmissions, TNO, Unilever and the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment, among others.

In the past 5 years TU/e has spawned some 10 new Smart Mobility based companies.