From opportunity to interesting project

by Bram Nuijten

This is how I would describe my past half-year with Smart Mobility: full of surprises and challenges, and working on setting up a project that will change the way we look at car driving.

Half a year ago we started with a team of nine people on the Smart Mobility track of the Honors academy. From there it was clear right from the first meeting that we were looking at a whole new working approach, that was different from everything we were used to up to then. The meeting gave us an insight into how special our chance was, and it was a good opportunity to meet our new teammates.

During the first meeting with the Smart Mobility team, one special thing suddenly became clear to me. We were given the opportunity to start our own project, during which we could accomplish our goals in the field of Smart Mobility. And thinking of a subject to work on was much harder than it sounds, with eight other team members, all with their own interests and wishes for the project. Which meant compromises, some hard and creative thinking, and above all: maintaining a good team spirit.

The project we finally agreed on combined most of our interest within one main theme: automotive mobility. We chose to combine technology with a transportation process and the design of the car. This way everybody had something on which they had some expertise and interest. But it was still possible to work on themes outside our comfort zone. After deciding on the subject, we started on setting out our main plan and goal. And now we are working hard on our project.

Another very special thing about the Honors academy is the extra activities. One of these events was the New Year opening. The Eindhoven Solar Team gave a very interesting presentation here. They gave us some insight into what we as Smart Mobility team could achieve with our project, and gave our motivation an extra boost. After the presentation we had the chance to design our own vehicle for the Solar Challenge, and some of our team members used this chance to put forward some of their own ideas on automotive.

During our setup in the last half-year we have been surprised by our options and the academy. One of these surprises was our own Renault Twizy battery-powered car, which we will get during the coming weeks. Now that we are getting used to our new project and the Honors program, it’s time to start on the real work. I’m looking forward to the process of the following half-year and the results we’re going to present at the end of this year.