New challenge (1) - duo column

by Ingrid de Kort

Even though I drive every day and experience all the convenience and inconvenience that comes with it, I still found a whole new world opened up three years ago when I became communication adviser for strategic area Smart Mobility. Because as well as the familiar automotive research, I also found all kinds of scientists in logistics, computer science and even the built environment were working to take us through traffic more efficiently, sustainably and safely. It’s great to see people in so many TU/e disciplines working on mobility.  

That immediately led to a new challenge. Because even though a lot of things are happening in research, there was no coherent, overall story on Smart Mobility. So that’s what I started working on: getting to know the professors involved and their research, carrying out a stakeholder analysis, defining the communication strategy and putting the message into words. Pioneering the visibility of Smart Mobility together with director Carlo van de Weijer. In that task we followed the good example of both our fathers, who were also colleagues a long time ago.

It was at Intertraffic 2012 that Smart Mobility made its big external performance with a well attended TU/e symposium, an attractive stand, a Cooperative Driving demo and supporting brochures and videos. We were really proud of our showing there! And I’ve had that feeling of pride many more times since then. For example at the well attended press conference, during the creation and competition victory of solar car Stella, in the debate evening on autonomous driving, and more recently with the TV broadcast of VPRO’s ‘Tegenlicht’.

Now, two years later, it’s again time for Intertraffic. And once again there’ll be a strong showing by TU/e Smart Mobility, especially since a number of the Automotive Student Teams will be there. This is a good time to hand over my role as communication adviser to my colleague Charlotte van den Heuvel. My next challenge will be to put the renewed alumni policy into practice. All these aspects will come together one more time on 12 April at the Alumni Day, which will be dedicated to Smart Mobility.

I’d like to thank everyone for all your involvement and enthusiasm. And to wish you all success in the research that will – in the future – mean I’ll no longer have to wait in traffic jams, and I’ll be able to read the newspaper while driving free of charge thanks to solar energy!

Ingrid de Kort
Communicatieadviseur Alumni Relations