The strategic area Smart Mobility combines multidisciplinary research to further strengthen the societal impact of Eindhoven University of Technology in the area of mobility.

Mobility has brought huge benefits to mankind. But it clearly has negative side-effects. These can best be expressed by calculating their financial impact, such as accidents, congestion and pollution, adding up to  3-5% loss of GDP. We aim to use the potential of technology to solve these problems of mobility through smart solutions. And at the same time, we intend to maintain and further extend the added value of mobility by safeguarding and increasing its accessibility.

Program lines

Realizing the mission and the key goals for research will require innovations in five research themes or program lines. A program line is a dedicated, interdisciplinary roadmap developing innovative solutions within the domain on which we focus. The content of each program line focuses on specific application areas in which TU/e already was a prominent research position that is relevant to the societal mission.

TU / e conducts research in five areas:

1. Safer Mobility - focus on preventing accidents

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Connected and autonomous driving 

 2. Clean and Energy efficient mobility

  •  Alternative Fuels
  •  Electric Drive
  •  Engines & Power Trains

 3. Less Congestion, Efficient Logistics

  •  (Urban) Logistics
  •  Distributed Traffic Management

 4. Solving space problems for mobility

  • New Mobility Systems
  • Smart Urban Planning

 5. Ensuring and extend accessibility of mobility

  •    New Mobility services