Henk Nijmeijer and Nathan van de Wouw receive CST Award

The Control Systems Technology Award 2015 has been awarded to a team of researchers, including prof. Henk Nijmeijer and prof. Nathan van de Wouw, research Dynamics & Control, for their contribution to control systems technology.

Annually, the CST Award is awarded by the IEEE Control Systems Society to an individual or team. This year, Henk Nijmeijer, Nathan van de Wouw, Marcel Heertjes (ASML) and Alexey Pavlov (Statoil Research Center in Porsgrunn, Norway) receive  the prize for "the development of variable gain nonlinear control methods and their application to multiple motion control problems all the way to commercialization."

The CST Award, consisting of a cash prize and a plaque, was presented on Thursday, December 17th during the annual CDC Conference, the most important conference in the field of control technology, in Osaka. During the same prize ceremony, the Outstanding Paper Award has been presented to Maarten Steinbuch and Tom Oomen.