Students Mechanical Engineering in top 3 ANWB Sustainable Mobility Award

Sander Kemna and Mark Tullemans, both student Mechanical Engineering,  just came short of winning the ANWB Sustainable Mobility Prize with their start-up Corellian during the Grande Final of New Venture.

Sander and Mark designed an aerodynamic package that can drastically reduce the fuel consumption of inefficient cars. By making some small adjustments to a car, for example, on the front grill and the bottom of the car, the air resistance can be reduced greatly. This can result in an average saving of 500 euros per year.

New Venture, a foundation established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and consulting firm McKinsey & Company, is trying to encourage innovative entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. For that reason they award annual prizes for the best business plan with the greatest impact. Along with ANWB New Venture is looking for new initiatives that can contribute to sustainable mobility.

During the Grande Final of New Venture on June 26 the winners of the various awards were announced. Although Corellian did not win the ANWB Sustainable Mobility Award, their concept did get the attention, which is a good step towards a salable product.