Electric Lupo

Battery electric vehicles are a suitable path to reduce the dependency on oil, to allow driving with zero local emissions in city centers and to reduce CO2 emissions when powered with electricity from renewable sources. The Lupo EL is a fully electric research vehicle developed by TU/e using a VW Lupo 3L as donor vehicle. Researchers completely replaced the diesel powertrain with an electric one. The energy is stored in batteries with a combined weight of 273 kg. The resulting vehicle has an interesting combination of a relatively low mass (1060 kg), large battery capacity (27 kWh), and good range (170 km @ 100 km/h) and performance (0-100 km/h in 12 seconds). Thanks to these optimal specifications, the car won first prize in the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, 2011, in Berlin. The research vehicle is now used in the design of new and energy efficient driving strategies like 'one pedal drive'.