Liveblog TU/e Research Day 2022

May 12, 2022

Here we will keep you up to date with all the news from our celebration of Science: TU/e Research Day. This event is being held on May 12, 2022.

During the College Tour the three honorary doctorates talk about their careers. From left to right: David Mooney, Margot Gerritsen, Klavs Jensen and rector Frank Baaijens.

On the TU/e Research Day 2022 we celebrate science together. This day is all about our scientists and their research. We award the honorary doctorates, but not before the audience in the Blauwe Zaal can ask questions to our honorary doctors and rector Frank Baaijens at the College Tour. We will also present the winners of the very first TU/e Science Awards. Naturally, we included a wonderful poster presentation of research to view during the networking event, and we will end the day with drinks. Keep informed of all the proceedings, starting at 13h, in this liveblog during the day.

Drinks 6PM

In a very relaxed atmosphere we enjoy a few drinks and look back at a very succesful first TU/e Research Day.

Bert Meijer and Frank Baaijens.

Winners TU/e Science Awards 2022 5 PM

At first, Frank Baaijens congratulates Bert Meijer on being accepted as an international member of the NAS. Meijer: “By giving awards, you can show your appreciation for the excellence of the work being done at out at your university. Not just for yourself, but for your students, your group and your department. As TU/e we can only improve our reputation by sharing the successes and accomplishments for every one of us.”

“As we focus on our work in the labs, we wonder ‘where is the talent’. But if we take a step back, as I have done, I can see them everywhere around us at the TU/e” that’s why he and the Executive Board came up with the idea to institute the TU/e Science awards. The levels are based on the ECR grant levels, for starting, advanced and established scientists in their respective fields. “I am as excited as all of you to find out who the winners are, but remember that being nominated is equally as important as winning the award itself,” concludes Meijer.

And the winners are....

Young researcher award 2022 - Ruud van Sloun

Groundbreaking researcher award 2022 - Tom de Greef

Leadership in excellence award 2022 - Eva Demerouti

Read more about the winners in this article.

Margot Gerritsen (in the red toga) listening to the laudatio by her honorary promotor Barry Koren (second on the right).


Under the supervision of the cortège, the honorary doctorates will be awarded to Margot Gerritsen (Stanford University), Klavs Jensen (MIT) and David Mooney (Harvard University). 

Margot Gerritsen

After the introduction, Gerritsen gives and entertaining and cheerfull overview of het career in computational mathematics. “I dedicated myself to mathematics to keep the doors open to all my interests, while growing up. Because mathematics was what connected all the things that interested me at the time, such as bird watching, volcanoes and literature”, says Gerritsen. “Excellence and scientific curiosity are now also passionately pursued in Eindhoven, as we see today.”

David Mooney.

David Mooney

Seeing Robocop and how other types of materials were used to replace those lost to sickness or trauma, made him go into biomedical engineering. David Mooney focusses in his acceptance speach on all the exceptional projects he has worked on over the years. “A lot of collaboration is going on in the world of science. The sabbaticals, the students, the post-docs. Everyone you work with influences your work. I’m not just here for myself today, but I am also representing the cumulative effort of all the people I’ve worked with over the years.” says Mooney.

Klavs Jensen.

Klavs Jensen

Klavs Jensen opens his speech with where his career in chemical engineering began. "What had interested me in the past decades and what made me want to be a chemical engineer is that regardless of biomedical, pharmaceutical, technological or chemical solution is ‘how do we actually make the new materials we need’.”

Looking at a picture from the 16th century he remarks with dry wit: “Those flasks were not so much different from the ones we use today. But, we are now working with largesr scale equipment that helps us to speed up the process.” Jensen concludes by expressing his gratitude to MIT for providing the opportunity to set up the kind of projects he envisioned, everybody he worked with, and everyone here in Eindhoven with us today.


Networking and good conversations about research at the poster presentations in the Auditorium. It is, of course, also the time to visit and catch up with old acquaintances, or to make new contacts.

The College Tour in full swing.

College Tour: The road to Excellence 13:30 PM

The new honorary doctorates and rector magnificus Frank Baaijens are seated on the stage, where they interact with the audience and answer their questions during the 'college tour'. Science journalist Esther Thole presents this part of the day and moderates the questions form the audience.

The questions from the audience are about the dreams and ideals of the honorary doctorates, but also about the challenges and reality of their chosen career. “It is sometimes difficult to let go of things, because scientists are so very often perfectionists. As I am, or was myself. But, I did learn that 80 percent is also quite good enough. And I still remind myself of that every day. And it is important for the leaders to also radiate that,” says Margot Gerritsen.

Frank Baaijens adds: “We always talk about our research, which is also our main topic today. But it is also important to be really free in your free time. As a leader, I think we have a role in that, to simplify things as much as possible, so that you don't need extra time for that." 

David Mooney continues: “What I love about being in academics that there are so many different things to day in our work. It gives me time to sit and think. I try to teach my students to prioritize and let go of the things that do not matter as much to you.”

Klavs Jensen adds: “I think we are more aware and willing to talk about our work-life balance. And that is great. I agree that setting priorities is key in maintianing that balance. Especially when you start your job.”

College tour is a Dutch tv-programme where famous and interesting people are interviewed, but where the audience, usually students, can also ask questions and interact with the guests.

Nicole van Overveld
(Science Information Officer)
Brigit Span
(Corporate Storyteller)

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