IPM Research Center at NWO 2022 Gravitation Awards Ceremony

October 13, 2022
Patricia Dankers, Anja Palmans, Jan van Hest, Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf, Jaap den Toonder, Jom Luijten and Rint Sijbesma.

TU/e researchers were in the spotlight during the NWO 2022 Gravitation Awards Ceremony on October 10th at the Hoftoren in The Hague.

Jan van Hest (departments of BmE and CE&C), Patricia Dankers (BmE), Anja Palmans (CE&C), Rint Sijbesma (CE&C), Jom Luiten (AP&SE), Jaap den Toonder (ME) and other fellow TU/e researchers, raised more than 15 million euros to establish the Interactive Polymer Materials (IPM) Research Center on October 1st, 2022. The award was presented by none other than Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf.

The IPM Research Center is affiliated with the Institute of Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS), one of the university's research institutes, and focuses on materials research.

Within this center, they will develop a new generation of smart and dynamic polymer materials with exceptional properties, which will undoubtedly be necessary for 21st century applications.

The IPM Research Center will host a festive launch event on January 20th, 2023. Congratulations again on this unique achievement and we hope that this alliance will continue to be a hotspot for polymer knowledge and an incubator for related products.

Mira Slothouber
(Communication Officer)