Research and industry

At the TU/e, research and collaboration with the industry go hand in hand. In the world ranking of the Leiden Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), the TU/e is number 1 in the 350 university-ranking when it comes to the percentage of publications that were created in collaboration with the industry (2009). The position in the Brainport region, one of the 20 most innovative high-tech regions in Europe, certainly contributes to this. The same goes for the partnerships with other universities worldwide.

Do you want to work in a research environment where you work closely with industry? Or where you, after obtaining your PhD, are supported in setting up your own business? If so, click on 'Innovate' for more information.

Do you want to delve deeper into your science area after your Masters, but also gain working experience at the same time? Then working as a technological designer in training may be for you. Click here for more information on 'Designer's promgrams'.