Working conditions

Attractive working conditions

At the TU/e, your working conditions are flexible, customized and well organized. You can choose a large part of what benefits you want to use, according to the Choice Model For Employment. For example, you can choose to exchange days off, salary or your holiday imbursement for monthly travel costs, a bicycle from the Bicycle Plan, or extra leave.

The TU/e offers its employees market-based salaries. In addition, you can expect 41 days off in a year (at a 40-hour week), facilities such as childcare on campus and a sports centre with attractive rates for TU/e staff.  In employment policies, the TU/e follows the CAO (collective labor agreement) for Dutch Universities.
PhD students and trainees PDEng
PhD students (PhD) and PDEng trainees (technology designers in training) are part of the TU/e staff. This means you get paid during your PhD and PDEng training. You are also entitled to good employee benefits.

Working at TU/e?
Before you start working at TU/e, you will have to go through the terms and conditions of employment received from the HR department, including the salary, nature and duration of the appointment along with other important aspects. Below is more information on a few specific TU/e regulations.

Home-work travel reimbursement
All employees are eligible for reimbursement of travel costs to and from work. The amount is based on the costs of a 2nd class annual rail card and is 75% of the NS rail card fee on a pro rata basis for the number of days on which you commute to work each week (after one year the maximum distance is limited to 50 km one way). The selection model also enables you to use the gross monthly salary, holiday allowance and/or end-of-year bonus to acquire additional compensation for the costs of commuting to and from work (fiscal exchange).

NS Business Card
TU/e offers its employees the facility of an NS Business Card for all your commuting, private and business travel needs from door to door using a single card. You can make use of the train, bus, tram, metro and public transport bicycle. All the costs (both work and non-work related) incurred with the NS Business Card are deducted from your salary. More information can be found on the de website NS Zakelijk. Also consult the Abonnementswijzer.

Costs of moving house
TU/e has a tax-free moving scheme for personnel who live outside a 25 km radius of TU/e. However, they are expected to move to live within a 10 km radius within two years of the date the appointment contract is signed or within a year of this date if the appointment is a temporary one of at least two years. The compensation comprises a maximum reimbursement for transport and refurbishment costs of € 2,268 (PhD/TOIO) and € 4,537.80 (all other personnel).

30% scheme
TU/e offers extraterritorial employees who comply with certain conditions the possibility to make use of the 30% scheme that is incorporated in the terms and conditions of employment selection model. This means that the employee exchanges part of his or her gross salary for a net cost allowance (the 30% cost allowance), resulting in a higher net salary. Generally speaking, an employee that enjoys the 30% costs allowance does not accrue a pension but the advantage of using the 30% cost allowance in the selection model is that he or she does accrue pension on the 30% cost allowance amount. The full contents of the 30% scheme can be seen on the site of the Belastingdienst (tax authorities).

Parental leave
TU/e has a paid parental leave scheme whereby employees with children can take parental leave during a specific period and be paid 62.5 % of their salary. After the period of paid parental leave it is also possible to take unpaid parental leave.

Collective health insurance
TU/e employees (and members of their family) may use the TU/e collective health insurance via the health insurance company IAK.

Collective work disability insurance
For its employees TU/e has a collective insurance with Loyalis for partial work disability. This means that if you are partially work disabled, you will always receive at least 70% of your last salary. Via TU/e it is also possible to get a discount at Loyalis for insurance against full work disability.