Doing Your PhD at the Section of Philosophy & Ethics

PhD students in the Netherlands
PhD students in the Netherlands are university employees. They thus receive a salary and enjoy all employee benefits. The university also covers the cost of training and courses, and provides an allowance for travel.

There are two main ways of applying for a position:

Individual research proposal
Candidates can submit their own research proposals. In such cases, a proposal should be in one of the department's research areas and candidates must provide their own funding. Part-time research is possible. Please contact us if you are interested in submitting an individual research proposal.

NWO Project
Since a substantial amount of government funding for higher education in the Netherlands is provided by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), many PhD-students work on NWO funded projects. Where this is the case, students work on project-specific questions and cooperate with others working on the same project. Vacancies for these projects are advertised on our homepage.

Philosophy & Ethics at Eindhoven University of Technology
The subjects studied in Eindhoven are closely related to the character of the institution. The main focus is therefore on the philosophy and ethics of science and technology. Subjects surrounding these fields are studied where appropriate, making the research that is done quite diverse despite the focus on science and technology. Philosophy research at Eindhoven is mainly analytically oriented.

Your goal while at Eindhoven is to write a PhD thesis. This should be achievable within the duration of your contract, which is usually four years. The thesis can take the form of a monograph or it can be composed of articles, of which a fair proportion need to be published or accepted for publication by the time the thesis is submitted to the dissertation committee. Your thesis can be published as part of the Simon Stevin series in the Philosophy or the Ethics of Technology.