Prof. dr. Josien Pluim


Josien Pluim is head of the IMAG/e group. Her field of interest is medical image analysis in a broad sense, although her focus is on image registration, digital pathology and image analysis for oncology. She also has an appointment at the University Medical Center Utrecht, for one day a week.

Her background is in Computer Science, which she studied at the University of Groningen. She received her MSc degree in 1996 and continued with a PhD project at the UMC Utrecht. She obtained her PhD degree from Utrecht University in 2001. She stayed at the UMC Utrecht as assistant professor (and later associate professor), with a short break to enjoy the hospitality of the Image Processing and Analysis Group at Yale University. In 2014, she was appointed professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology.

Josien Pluim is a member of the advisory council of Computing Science at the University of Groningen and a participant in Spiegelbeeld, a role model programme to interest girls in exact sciences. Furthermore, she is an associate editor of five journals (IEEE TMI, IEEE TBME, Medical Image Analysis, Medical Physics and Journal of Medical Imaging), was programme chair of several international conferences (SPIE Medical Imaging – Image Processing 2006-2009, WBIR 2006, MICCAI 2010) and is a member of the MICCAI Board.


Office: GEM-Z 2.108
Phone: +31 40-247 8853