The Bachelor End Project serves as the final assessment of the expertise and skills acquired by the student during the Bachelor studies at the TU/e. Examples of the assessed skills are project planning and organization, searching for solutions to real engineering problems, writing and presentation skills, and of course insight into the specialization. Typically, a list of possible BEP projects are provided to students by the CS staff in the second quartile of the last year. These projects are often related to the actual research and development activities within the group of our industrial partners and generally include working or even developing a prototype system. Nevertheless, project proposals from students can be also considered.

The CS group follows the administrative procedures common to the entire Electrical Engineering Department. Therefore, the Bachelor End Projects (BEP) are developed during the 3rd and 4th quartile of the study year, and the total workload should amount to 10ECTS with possible bonus of another 5ECTS by including a supplementary assignment. The projects should fit in one of the strategic areas of the University activities:


  • Connected world,
  • Care and Cure,
  • Smart and sustainable society,
  • Automotive