Project of 735 new student homes on TU/e campus starts in November

July 20, 2022

The new housing will be built on the terrain of the former Pavillion from 1956, which was recently disassembled in a circular manner.

Housing corporation Woonbedrijf’s new construction plan to realize 735 student homes on the TU/e campus has entered a new phase. With the granting of the environmental permit, the next step can be taken: the start of the construction activities in November this year. Construction is expected to take one and a half years. This means that the 735 student homes could be completed in the summer of 2024.

Set-up of the plan

The plan (designed by architect VenhoevenCS) consists of two residential towers and a ‘student village’. The tower on the west side will contain 278 student homes, while the east tower will consist of 371 student homes. Both towers have 16 floors and are approximately 50 meters high.

Between the two towers will be the ‘student village’ with 86 housing units spread over five streets with two floors, mainly for group living. The first floor of the towers, the tops of the student village, a boulevard along the water (the ‘blue carpet’) and the recreational greenery will form the social heart of the community. This will contain, among other things, a ‘makerspace’, meeting rooms, facilities and other rooms or locations that we will develop together with the students.

There will also be meeting rooms on the floors where students can meet one another. The plan therefore consists of a mix of different functions that invite people to come together. This will make an important contribution to the well-being of the future residents.

The homes will be built by Heijmans construction company and will be located where the Pavilion first stood, this being TU/e’s first building from 1956. The Pavilion has been demolished in a circular manner, which means that components are reused in construction.

“The need for student housing is great”

As the commissioner, Woonbedrijf is the owner of the new construction and will rent the homes via Vestide, which is Woonbedrijf’s student housing provider.

Marieke Franken, director of Woonbedrijf: “We are happy to be able to take the next step in this project and make an important contribution to nice and affordable homes for students. The need for student housing is great and, at the same time, we see that construction costs are rising and the shortage of materials and capacity is increasing."

"Together with all parties involved, we expressed a strong will and ambition to actually realize the project. We are extremely proud that this has been achieved and that we will be able to start construction in November of this year.”

“Due to the growing number of students and the great shortage on the housing market, there is a considerably increased need for extra housing for students,” says Nicole Ummelen, vice-president of TU/e. “It is therefore very important that this project starts soon, as agreed in the Eindhoven Covenant on Student Housing."

"It will not only provide many students with beautiful housing in a lovely green location but, with the additional residents, the campus will become an even more vibrant place which is pleasant for everyone to live, work and exercise in. I’m also pleased that the project has a special focus on well-being and community building.”

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Students have an important voice in this project                                                        

Since the start of the project, students have involved in various issues surrounding the new building. In the next academic year, this involvement of students will be intensified and Woonbedrijf will build up a community of students to help create ideas, participate and help decide on the further implementation of the plan.  

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