Consequences for Russian and Belarusian students and employees

The ongoing war is a great tragedy for all involved. Many Russian students and scholars do not support the war but cannot safely speak up. We believe in open dialogue and in compassion for all who need it. We also continue, within the space available, to actively support Russian scholars and students who are already part of our campus community and are in need. Russian and Belarusian students, lecturers and researchers who are currently in the Netherlands are allowed to stay here and are supported to the best of our ability.

Under the call to freeze cooperation are formal relationships. Informal contacts and peer-to-peer relationships are excluded. In these cases, it is possible for staff at universities to continue personal and sometimes even desirable contacts with these researchers and lecturers, where appropriate. However, the institution must assess on a case-by-case basis whether contact and cooperation with Russian and Belarusian researchers and lecturers can be continued. For assistance with this assessment or other questions about research cooperation, please contact

More information is available on the Universiteiten van Nederland website.