Enrollment types

There are several different ways to enroll at TU/e, each with its own rights, obligations, and consequences.

Full-time degree program

This is the most common type of enrollment, in which students attend classes throughout the week. The program runs continuously from the beginning to the end of the academic year. Full-time students have the following rights:

  • The right to participate in courses and laboratories
  • The right to participate in examinations and final examinations
  • The right to a student card, supervision, and voting privileges
  • The right to network and computer facilities; possible right to a subsidized notebook computer
  • The right to student grants and loans.

Part-time degree program

As from academic year 2016-2017 it is not possible to enroll as a part-time student anymore. This is with the exception of the program Science, Education and Education (SEC) of the Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE). This actually contains a formal change only, since most study programs have been focusing on full-time studying solely. Students who are enrolled as a part-time student at this moment and plan on continuing their program in 2016-2017 need to re-enroll as a full-time student as well.

External student

Tuition fees are lower for external students than they are for regular students. For this reason, they have only the right to take examinations and final examinations. External students may not attend classes, and they are not entitled to use the other educational provisions and facilities offered by the university.

Enrollment and payment takes place for a full academic year. Unlike regular students, external students are not eligible for refunds of examination fees. It is nearly impossible for external students to graduate from TU/e. They have no right to supervision, which is required in order to graduate from TU/e.

Contract student program

This type of enrollment entitles students to attend up to three series of lectures per academic year. This is arranged through a contract with TU/e. There are no special requirements for prior education. Contract students may enroll at the beginning or in the course of the academic year.
Contract students are charged an amount that is set by the Executive Board each year. The fees must be paid in full upon enrollment. Withdrawal and refunds are not possible. Separate enrollment forms for contract students are available for download on the website.

The following is a summary of the rights of contract students:

  • The right to participate in courses and laboratories
  • The right to a student card
  • The right to use TU/e facilities, including the library, sports facilities, and computer facilities
  • The right to access the educational information system using a personal PIN code.

Contract students have the opportunity to participate in tests. This allows them to prove that they have successfully participated in a series of lectures. Such tests do not have the status of examinations. The subjects may therefore not be a part of a program of courses used to complete a degree program.

Separate enrollment forms for contract students are available for download on the education guide.

Elective student

Elective students are students from other universities in the Netherlands who are not eligible for programs at TU/e. They have received permission from the Examinations Committees of their own programs to take one or more subjects at TU/e. These students, who are not eligible to take examinations, must submit the following:

  • Permission from the Examinations Committee of the home program to take specific subjects at TU/e
  • Original proof of payment of tuition fees, which can be obtained from the student administration services at the home university
  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • After October 1: a justified request to the Executive Board

Separate enrollment forms for elective students are available for download on the education guide.