Application documents

All of the information mentioned below can also be found in the onine application form for TU/e Bachelor's programs. 

Please  be aware that we will start to assess your application only once the online application form, the application fee and all required documentation (including the documents sent by post or courier) have been received.

Upload AND send by post/courier

  • application overview (part of the online application form) 
  • Certified copies* of diplomas and grade lists from the last 3 years of your secondary education. The documents must be authorized with original stamps and signatures.
    Even if you already have your final grades and school diploma, please also send the last 3 years of grade sheets.  These must be certfied copies or original documents.
  • If your diploma and grade list are not available in English or Dutch, please include an authenticated translation with your application documents.
  • Proof of language proficiency in Dutch and/or English (depending on the language of the chosen TU/e Bachelor’s program).

Upload in the online application form

  • Proof that you have transfered the application fee
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Curriculum vitae.

All documents in a language other than Dutch or English should be accompanied by translations into one of these languages by a certified translator (authenticated translation).

Application documents submitted to the TU/e become the property of the TU/e. Application documents will not be returned. Documents from candidates who do not enrol at the TU/e will be destroyed one year after the close of the application period.

Addresses and contact

Questions to or phone +31 (0)40 2474747

If you are sending your application by courier service
Attn. Sarah van den Nieuwenhof
Eindhoven University of Technology
Education & Student Affairs
Admissions Office (MF 1.300)
De Rondom 70
The Netherlands

If you are sending your application by post
Eindhoven University of Technology
Education & Student Affairs
Admissions Office (MF 1.300)
PO Box 513
The Netherlands


*certified copies are copies with an original official stamp to verify that the copies are true copies of original documents. Please note: copies of certified documents will NOT be accepted, the official stamp needs to be original. This official stamp may be from one of the following:  the educational institution from where you gained the diplomas / an embassy / a solicitor or notary / local town or city council / the TU/e. Certified copies cannot be sent by email. They must be sent by post or courier to the TU/e.