Admission and Enrollment

The application procedure

TU/e welcomes students from all over the world, but before we can grant admission we need to check that the previous educational background is at a sufficient level participate succesfully in a TU/e program.

The starting level at Dutch universities is comparable to that of other western European countries and in order to be granted admission to a TU/e Bachelor program, your secondary education must be recognized as being equivalent to the Dutch diplomas that are required for admission to Eindhoven University of Technology. This requirement includes a specific level of Mathematics and Physics in the last two years of secondary education.

If your diplomas are assessed as being equivalent to the Dutch diploma, you may be admitted to a Bachelor's program. If the applicant is not fully qualified for admission, additional entrance tests may be required, or admis

Application deadline

May 1:                 Whilst TU/e will accept applications up to this deadline, we strongly advise you to apply by mid April at the latest so that if you are admitted, housing can be arranged and you can start the TU/e Introduction Program and your study on time in August.

Practical information

We live in a global world. Students prepare for this globalization by choosing for a study abroad. Our university is aware of this challenge for students as well as the need for some necessary arrangements.
Practical information: