In the Bachelor College you follow a three-year Bachelor program. Half of this three-year Bachelor program is devoted to your major (Automotive), a study that will prepare you for a job as an engineer in the automotive  field. All first-year TU/e students follow a number of basic subjects like mathematics, physics and modeling, which are more or less the same for every study. In your first year you are already able to choose a number of subjects and so shape your study right from the beginning. Of course, you also get non-engineering subjects because engineers are concerned with more than engineering alone. So the study curriculum comprises the following four components:

• Major (90 credits). The major is, in fact, the main direction you choose to study. Automotive is one of the majors in our university.

• Basic subjects (30 credits). The basic subjects are followed by all TU/e students and include mathematics, physics, design and modeling.

• Elective subjects (45 credits). Each student can (within certain norms and in consultation with the coach) compile an elective package. The elective subjects are spread throughout the entire program of Bachelor studies.

• User, Society & Enterprise (USE, 15 credits). This part also concerns elective subjects, but not engineering ones. Examples of USE subjects are entrepreneurship, ethics and sustainability. There is also an introductory basic subject USE.

All subjects in the Bachelor College are worth 5 credits each.