Why study at TU/e

Expertise in the field of automotive technology in the Netherlands is concentrated in Eindhoven/Helmond area and is likely to continue developing in future. Above that studying Automotive Technology in Eindhoven implies high-tech research and educational facilities. A unique automotive laboratory for setting up experiments and simulations is present at the university.

Technological heart of the Netherlands

The Eindhoven region, also known as Brainport, is the technological heart of the Netherlands. The region is one of Europe's most innovative centers of advanced technology. TU/e works closely with many large and smaller high-tech companies. The region is home to companies like DAF, TomTom, Scania, Ginaf, Philips, ASML, NXP, Jumbo trailers, research institute TNO, the DAF Technical Centre and the HighTech Automotive Campus in Helmond. You are likely to come into contact with one of the region's high-tech companies during your studies, for instance via an internship, a project or guest lecturer. Find out more about the Dutch automotive industry: www.automotive-industry.nl

Automotive Innovation - high tech level in system thinking

Future developments in the industry will be geared to:

• Smart mobility:       how can smart automotive technology help reduce the 
                                 number of traffic jams?
• Clean vehicles:      how can new methods make the car even more fuel-
                                 efficient and clean?

The automotive sector is growing fast and demand for automotive engineers is rising. For good reason. The automotive industry is facing significant challenges. The modern car is an intelligent system, super high-tech. Electrical components are here to stay with the transition to new powertrains (hybrid and electric) and advances in communication and navigation. In addition to the traditional mechanical engineering, the emphasis lies increasingly on disciplines like electronics and software.

The A270 highway section between Eindhoven and Helmond has been designated as a national test track for research into car-to-car and car-to-infra innovations.

Typically Automotive in Eindhoven

If you want to study Automotive at a Dutch university, Eindhoven is the only place you can do it. Much of the Dutch automotive industry is concentrated in the Brainport Eindhoven Region where employers are in real need of highly qualified engineers educated for the automotive sector. The automotive sector is knowledge intensive, that means that many employees have a university background. The Netherlands enjoys a good reputation in the automotive field. Many companies are market leaders in Europe or even globally. TU/e works closely with these national and international companies.