Mail a student

Puck Mulders
'I had heard that the Department of Computer Science was regarded by many all over the world as one of the best and that made me feel quite positive. I decided on Computer Science, a perfect match for me due to the challenging mathematical aspects that I was looking for and a chance to broaden my knowledge of social sciences subjects such as psychology and sociology. Being something of a technology enthusiast, it is great fun to think about what people would want and then to be able to build it yourself.'

Bor de Kock
‘I have been interested in computer science my entire life. It's fantastic to study on a fully computer science-based program that also provides insight into the people for whom you are making software. It fascinates me how Apple succeeds in providing exactly what its users need in terms of usability and how Microsoft Office manages to reduce its users to tears. Effective software for end-users is the key to success in today's ICT world. So it leaves me wondering why one site is a huge success and the other dies a slow painful death. And why is it that people trust one another enough to sell second-hand goods over the internet?'