Course structure

Industrial Engineering offers you a wide range of subjects through various teaching approaches.

You will take subjects in the fields of mathematics, industrial engineering and management science, and integration (a combination of the engineering and management science subjects). In addition to your major you can choose electives that will accentuate your study program.

Management science subjects
These subjects are in part quantitative and in part qualitative. In a quantitative subject your learning includes how to make mathematical models and simulation models of business processes; in a qualitative subject you study, for example, human behavior and organization methods. 

Primarily, this provides a basis. You need math for many advanced courses, including the quantitative management science courses. Math is on the timetable of the first two years of the bachelor program.

Engineering subjects The focus of these subjects is the study of product and process technology. In these subjects you will learn how engineering influences the performance of business processes and which choices can be made in this context. Take note, you won’t be learning how to design machines or complex products. 

Integration projects (DBL)
Each year you will carry out a project. You will master how to analyze a part of a business process, with the ultimate aim of improving performance. Right from the first week of the course, you will join a group project that runs parallel to the standard subjects. The further you progress in the course, the more  these projects are based in reality. At the end of the third year you’ll perform your analysis fully independently.