DBL: Design-Based Learning

On the Industrial Engineering study program we consider it valuable that even while you are still a student your study offers you the opportunity to gain experience of issues in the field. For this reason, the course involves Design-Based Learning, or DBL projects. These engage you in real-world assignments. In the DBL projects you will work in a group of approx. four to six students on vibrant management science issues. Some 40% of the Bachelor program consists of DBL.

Project-based working
In the first year you complete a project entitled, Introduction to Industrial Engineering. In each phase you will analyze a part of the business process, each time from a different perspective (e.g. marketing, purchasing or logistics) with the ultimate aim of improving performance. Just think, say, of processes within supermarkets or at larger companies such as Philips or DSM. This group project runs through the entire first semester in parallel to your standard subjects. The further you progress in your course, the more projects of this type are based in reality. At the end of the third year you’ll perform the analysis fully independently.

For an overview of the subjects and projects in the Bachelor's program, see under course structure.