Graduated, what next?

Generally, the options you have after graduating depend on the Master's you do after your Industrial Engineering Bachelor's program. But whichever Master you choose, your options are almost unlimited. You can work, for example:

  • in the transport sector
  • for a consultancy
  • for a trading company
  • in scientific or other research
  • in financial services
  • for a production company

Some graduates choose to work abroad.

Typical starter jobs are:

  • logistics planner
  • quality assurance assistant
  • supervisor of ICT projects
  • project leader product revitalization
  • management consultant

And if you are ambitious, you can progress to management positions with yet more responsibility.

In short, you can work in a wide range of professions because your training is broad can you work with various specialists.

To give you an idea of the work of a graduate Industrial Engineering engineer, we asked two graduates to tell us which company they work for and about the sort of work they do: ir. Neeltje Schilders and ir. Vincent Dolfin. Like to know more? Watch our video. Graduates tell about their current job and the study program.