Study association

The study association for Industrial Engineering is Industria. The association’s aim is to represent the study interests of students studying Industrial Engineering. Industria organizes very many activities. These can be subdivided into study-related activities, special activities and activities related to teaching and learning.

Below is a photograph of the council of Industria.

A handful of the Industria’s activities:

  • Industria supports students with their studies by:
    o    providing course materials
    o    fulfilling a bridging role between the course, theory and business practice
    o    fulfilling a bridging role between students and the department

    For example, you can buy course books from the study association at a discount that is often as much as 15%. They also regularly organize excursions to companies.
  • At Industria, students can develop their organizational and communication skills by organizing activities. In this way, the association also fosters integration between students.
  • Industria organizes various social activities including a gala and early evening drinks every Thursday in a course room set aside for this event, 'The Villa'.
  • Every year Industria organizes a Parent Day specially for parents of the first-year students of Industrial Engineering to introduce them to their son/daughter’s course.
  • Job market orientation: encouraging contacts between students and trade and industry, and providing information about business courses and internships.

Take a look at the Industria website for more information about these activities.