The Bachelor's Program

This study program gives you a thorough theoretical basis via the subjects Mathematics, Statistics and Research Methods. In addition to studying these basic subjects, you will extend your knowledge with subjects such as: 

  • Logistical Modeling
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Quality Management
  • Business Economics
  • Innovation Management

Practically in the field
The theory is never independent but is always translated into practical applications. You’ll do many groups projects: you’ll analyze (part of) a business process in, for example, a supermarket, at KLM, at Philips or at Rabobank. The further along in your course you are, the stronger basis in reality of the cases you work on. At the end of the third year you’ll analyze a genuine business situation fully independently, in the field.

Course duration
The Bachelor's program lasts three years, after which you can progress to a Master’s degree program. You will have subjects in the fields of mathematics, industrial engineering and management science and integration (a combination of the engineering and management science subjects).

For an explanation of the subjects in the Bachelor program, see course structure.