Why Eindhoven?

Eindhoven University of Technology is a small-scale university where you will enjoy high quality education. The TU/e campus is close to Eindhoven railway station.

Typical Industrial Engineering in Eindhoven
More than forty years’ experience and excellent lecturers have resulted in a program of the highest quality. We are distinguished by our pragmatic approach: we do not analyze processes at the abstract level, instead we start with the operations processes on the work floor and everyday practice. This is immediately evident in our case assignments, the excursions run by the student association and, of course, in the group and other assignments that you carry out in the field.

In the field
In the second and third years you will make a full analysis of a real integrated problem in an existing company. Just think, say, of developing recommendations for the setting up of an central information system for managing various (building) projects. Or, say, analyzing a company’s production and delivery process, which would involve making recommendations for improving the whole logistics process. In addition, the small-scale of the course and the thorough supervision given by lecturers and student mentors appeal to many students. There are good reasons why in 2010 our Bachelor was found once again to be the best of the industrial engineering courses in the Elsevier.

Personal supervision
During the course a lot of attention is paid to personal supervision, for example by the student counselor and by student and lecturer mentors. You can go to them if you have any questions. This is a varied study program in which you work a great deal on field-oriented projects. In addition, a minor gives you the opportunity to specialize or extend your study, depending on your interest. This gives you extra opportunities when considering a Master’s degree program.

Notebook scheme
The notebook scheme is unique to TU/e. When you come and study at the TU/e, you can buy an electronic notebook at very reasonable conditions. A notebook is used extensively in the teaching given in Industrial Engineering. The notebook is supplied inclusive the software you need for your course. Read more about this notebook scheme.

Sports center
The TU/e has a large and very well-equipped sports center where you can play a wide range of sports, from football to tennis and from rowing to golf! Read more about the possibilities offered by the Student Sports Center.