Module 3: Software networked embedded systems

The focus of this module is on the domain software and networked embedded systems.

Technology domain: automotive software and the correspondent hardware platform, including networks and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

  • Automotive hardware platforms: CPUs and buses
  • Automotive applications: data oriented, control oriented
  • Embedded real-time control, with examples
  • Structure of embedded automotive software
  • Tools

Domain goals:
Goal: students have a good overview of the software and platform aspects of modern automotive systems, understand critical elements and complications, are capable of using tools and are aware of problem solving for software intensive automotive systems. They have practical experience in solving a problem in this domain.

Course work in this module: within module 3 the following courses are planned:

  • Unified Modelling Language (UML), using Python and/or Java
  • System Modelling Language (SYSML), using Enterprise Architect
  • Functional Safety, according to ISO 26262
  • Project Management
  • Professional/Personal development
  • Professional writing skills
  • Dutch language
  • (Additional workshops on the project if required)

This module will be executed in close cooperation with the PDEng program Software Technology