Module 2


During this module the trainees will conduct their project in parallel with the education.   The subject of the module is robotics in a systems’ engineering sense, dealing with subjects such as modelling, simulation, control, sensing and actuating, etc.   The project will be a continuation of the projects from previous years, and the ultimate goal is the development of an autonomous referee system for robot and human soccer using drones as the primary referee and auxiliary ground referee robots. This entails creating a system architecture and the implementation of modules of this architecture. The modules include for instance drone control, ball detection and tracking, indoor positioning and cooperative decision making. The TU/e robot soccer facilities will be used to test the developed systems.

For this project the trainees will have to use a variety of hardware and software options as well as sensors and actuators. Multiple drones and robots will be involved and communication between these will be an important aspect as well.

Course work in this module:

  • A series of lectures by Robotics and Mechatronics specialists
  • Two days of lectures/lab work on vision based applications
  • Project Management
  • Professional/Personal development and reflection
  • Technical writing
  • Dutch language