Smart Society Professional Academy: Urban Space

01 September to 31 March
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From 12 April
Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and Eindhoven University of Technology
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For professionals by professionals

Smart cities use innovative technologies and services to address pressing environmental issues, ensure sustainable urban development and a high quality of life for the citizens. In this context, the Smart Society Professional Academy aims to provide technical, organizational and project related training to help professionals:

  • Understanding the smart city context and development field
  • Finding ways to identify and address social needs and environmental pressures
  • Keeping pace with the fast development of smart city technologies and understand the demand and supply of such
  • To critically assess the risks and benefits of such smart city technologies and their social and environmental implications
  • Using networking opportunities and interdisciplinary settings to generate powerful partnerships and projects


The general structure includes 3 best practice on-site visits of 3 days each and online-schooling in between. The on-site visits will take place at a location with production or application excellence, allowing additional practical experience and on-site visits or lab visits. To foster efficient learning the participants will jointly go through different stages of the smart city develop-ment process by working on real cases. This might include placing bids, using innovative procurement methods, playing with and further develop smart city technologies, creating effective business models, or presenting and improving own projects and ideas.

The Smart Society Professional Academy is a joint initiative from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Urban Space Course

Become a certified Smart City Manager - Expert in Urban Space. Enjoy practical insights into relevant developments in the smart city sector and current technological advancements in urban space; learn from experts, visit places of excellence and gain effective methodological skills and training by working with other practitioners from industry and municipality, enlarge your network and join the movement that will change the future of Urban Space.

Connecting Industries and Cities
For professionals from the public and private sector dealing with improvements of urban space in their work environment. 

Cross-sectoral topics
Covering for example current trends and developments in smart cities, citizen engagement, financing and innovative procurement.

Specific insights
Focusing on technologies relevant for Urban Space such as: smart lighting, public sensoring, smart water infrastructure, nature-based solutions and mixed use concepts. 

Upon completion, a certification examination to become certified “Smart City Manager – Expert in Urban Space” is offered.

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Price: 8000 EUR* with accomodation, 7200 EUR* without accomodation
City Special: 2 persons for 12000 EUR*

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* Including course material, web-learning, participation in the certification exam, as well as meals, public transport, site visits and activities on-site.