MetaForum forms the heart of the campus. In the building there are many study facilities, many different education rooms and individual study places and it houses the media library and the central library of the university. There is also a lunch café.
The existing W-hal, one of the oldest buildings of the TU/e, houses all of these functions and had to undergo a complete metamorphosis. On top of the renovated hall, a separate building is placed for the department of Mathematics and Computer Science. MetaForum has been opened since September 2012.

MetaForum has won various awards

  • FIABCI National Prix d’Excellence Awards The Netherlands 2013
  • International award: LEAF Award 2013
  • Gulden Feniks 2013
  • Honorable mention for Gebouw van het Jaar 2013 at election BNA-prijs


The Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering departments are sharing the new building Flux, By sharing the same building, both of these departments will benefit by being able to make optimal use of the laboratories in the Spectrum and Cascade buildings. Flux is located on the site of the formally 'N-laag' building. The new building has been completed in November 2014.


TU/e has transformed the former boiler house into the new accommodation for the top Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS). In July 2012, ICMS has moved to the renovated Ceres. Also the Eindhoven Multiscale Institute (EMI), the Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories (EPL) and the Advanced Study Center of ICMS are located there. The historical and industrial character of the former boiler building dating from 1959, has remained largely intact, just as the seventy-meter high brick chimney stack next to it. On 16 May 2013 Ceres was chosen by the Association of Dutch Architects (BNA) as Building of the Year.

The Groene Loper

The Groene Loper forms the central, car-free area, where all the buildings of the compact university have been bordered. This is a charmingly laid-out area for cyclists and pedestrians with place to sit, copses and even a pond. It has the same kind of atmosphere as the Limbopad and the green area around the Dommel.