Quality team

The Quality team guards the overall spatial quality of developments on the TU/e Campus. It checks spatial plans against the TU/e Science Park Master Plan.
The creation of the Quality team has arisen from the procedural arrangements concerning the cultural and historic value of the TU/e Campus and the zoning plan that was adopted in September 2010 by the municipality of Eindhoven.
The Quality team comprises three subject disciplines that are relevant for guarding the quality of developments on the campus as a whole. These are:
•    Cultural history: prof. dr. Bernard Colenbrander
•    Architecture and Urban Design and Planning: prof. ir. Paul Diederen
•    Landscape: ir. Paul Achterberg
The Quality team is chaired by ir. Veronique Marks, director of Real Estate Management.
The Quality team submits its recommendations to the Campus 2020 Steering Committee, in which Mr. Rapp is its representative, and to the Executive Board. The municipality of Eindhoven, notably the Spatial Quality Committee, consults the Quality team before giving its opinion regarding the permit to be granted. In this way the Quality team forms a link between the university and the public interest.
If you have any questions, you can contact the secretary, Caroline Koot, tel. 040 - 247 85 61.