Renovation Gemini

Start design phase renovation Gemini by total engineer TW-IN
The total engineer who will design the renovation of the Gemini and Laplace buildings has been chosen: TW-IN. TW-IN consists of Royal HaskoningDHV, Team V Architectuur, and DGMR. Its vision distinguishes itself from the other tenderers. The merit of the draft proposal presented by TW-IN is that it fulfils the requests in a balanced manner.

Choice for TW-IN
The renewal of the Gemini building complex on the Eindhoven campus is a task that requires a firm designer hand. Although the existing building appears robust, its architecture was generated within the delicate repertoire that is typical of the second construction phase of the campus. Moreover, the program laid out for this building is tailored to the accommodation of two departments with widely differing desiderata, which include vibration-free labs on the one hand and a variety of social environments on the other. Finally, there are certain requirements emerging from the environment of the campus to which the building has to be in proportion in its outward appearance.

Renovation plan Gemini
The plan that will be developed by TW-IN for the renovation of Gemini concerns the buildings Gemini-noord (excluding Zero Emission Lab, ZEL) and Gemini-zuid, the walkway to Ceres, the connection to the walkway to Flux, the connection to the fa├žade of MetaForum, and the connection to ZEL.

After the renovation, the buildings will be used for research, education and offices for the Departments of Mechanical Engineering (W) and Biomedical Engineering, the Coherence and Quantum Technology (CQT) group for the Department Applied Physics and the E-Conversion Lab for the Department Electrical Engineering. The Darcy Lab and Microfab Lab remain unchanged. In addition, the building will be used for general functions such as study guidance, restaurant, teaching spaces, study workplaces and student associations.

The renovation will be carried out on a phased basis from 2021-2025. In 2021 Gemini-noord wil be stripped first.

For sustainability TU/e uses the BREEAM instrument, with a minimum score of Excellent (4 stars).