Renovation Main building to Atlas

The sixteen-story Main building will be given new and contemporary furnishings and fittings, energy-efficient installations and a high-insulation glass curtain wall. A new, connecting stairway is proposed in the center of the building which will, starting from the so-called ‘Red Strip’ (the aggregate of connecting routes via walkways on the campus), zigzag upwards right onto the top of the building. Another ambition of TU/e is to give the renovated Atlas building a role as an experimental garden. For one, the Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) would want to use the premises as a living lab for research and tests.

Sustainable building
A provisional BREEAM sustainability scan on the basis of the renovation plan of the Total Engineer teamRSVP indicated that it will be able to attain the label ‘outstanding’ for the renovated Atlas building. That would be unique indeed for an educational building in the Netherlands.

Atlas has been selected in London, 7 March 2017, as winner for the BREEAM Award in the election for most sustainable educational building. The BREEAM awards, also known as the Oscars of sustainable buildings, enjoy a prominent international reputation.Read the news article.

Also see sustainable Atlas.

The renovation will be carried out in accordance with the design vision by the total engineer teamRSVP (consisting of Team V Architectuur, Van Rossum, Valstar Simonis and Peutz).. The design vision provides for maintenance of the visual quality of architect Van Embden from the 1960s.  Van Wijnen will be the constructor of the renovation. September 1, 2018 the building will be renovated.