Company Accommodation

Powered by the University of Technology, the TU/e Campus is the beating heart of the Brainport region. And with scientific knowledge its cornerstone, the campus is also the place to be for innovative companies, institutes, start-ups and spin-offs. As a resident of the TU/e Campus, you are part of a unique ecosystem ‘where innovation starts’, offering you extensive possibilities, such as joint research, support in new business development and shared use of special lab facilities.

Accommodation options

From an individual workspace within an interactive environment to the realization of your own building; the whole spectrum is possible on the TU/e Campus.
The Multimedia Pavilion offers accommodation to new entrepreneurs and comprises a combination of small-scale (combinable) office spaces and shared conference rooms.Kennispoort is the gateway for people coming from the center of Eindhoven to the campus on foot or by bicycle. Kennispoort has a variety of conference rooms and is ideally located close to the central railway station.
Along the east of the campus various plots are available for businesses to build their own accommodation. 

Twinning & Catalyst business centers

The Twinning and Catalyst buildings contain offices and laboratories for tech entrepreneurs. Catalyst is a high-tech business center and offers office space in combination with chemical, physics and mechanical engineering laboratories to help give companies a flying start. A footbridge connects Catalyst with Twinning, a business center for technostarters and ICT companies. Catalyst and Twinning share a jointly staffed reception with telephone and postal service, high-quality ICT infrastructure and various meeting and conference rooms. The ideal setting for the start or growth of your company. For more information about space at Twinning and Catalyst, go to:

Want to find out more?

Are you interested in acommodating your company at the TU/e Campus, in campus management, real estate management, or park management?
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